Heritage College Perth is a small school with a big difference. Our caring environment allows students to be treated as individuals, and their needs to be identified and met. We aim to provide high quality education and to support parents in their role of raising their children. We promote Godly values of honesty, diligence, excellence, respect and discipline.

Thanks to the support of our community of parents and friends, our College has developed and matured into a unique environment for students to learn and grow.


Coming Events

Friday 28th July
Primary Schools Soccer Champion Cup
Tuesday 1st August
PJ Day
 10-14 August
Teachers’ Conference. No School!
Friday 18th August
Book Week Parade & Years 8-12 Wildcats Basketball Incursion
Tuesday 22nd August
IPSHA Chess Competition
Wednesday 30th August
IPSHA Spelling Bee
Thursday 31st August

Years 8-12 Curtin University Surveying Workshop & Staff/Board Meeting


In 2009 I was lucky enough to enrol my daughter, who has a disability, in Heritage College Perth. She had been bullied and was shy but now through the help and support of the school she has been able to reach her full potential. At the time I enrolled my daughter we were not Christadelphians but the love and support that they have showed us and the christian truth that they live in their day-to-day lives have brought us to God.”

– Judy Ralston

We are so blessed to have a school like Heritage College to send our children to every day. Our children have been able to really flourish in a Godly environment. It is also wonderful that we as parents are able to have input into this school each and every day. The principal and teachers are always ready to have a chat if you feel you need to speak to them. Our children feel safe coming to HCP and as it is a small school the families get to know each other well and hold similar values.”

– Phil & Kailey Hayles

We joined your school at the beginning of the year and as you so succinctly wrote in the recent newsletter; we left a public school that was not meeting our needs or reflecting our morals and values we followed at home.  We consider Heritage to be our school now, and we as a family are proud to be a part of the community. We are proud to share with our family and friends the enormous difference our school has made in our lives. To go to work and know your children are safe, both emotionally and physically, to know that academically they are being challenged on an individual level. To know that everyone they come across in their day knows them and cares for them is a relief and a blessing. So, thank you for this wonderful sanctuary where our children will be able to complete their formal education and be supported in their journey to adulthood spiritually, emotionally and intellectually.

– Adam and Elizabeth Berman

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