Curtin University Chemistry Excursion

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On Tuesday 27th June, students in years 5-7 travelled to Curtin University to experience real chemistry in a university laboratory. Working with university laboratory technicians, students created their own slime (gross but very cool!), toothpaste (and tried it out with a toothbrush on a dental mold!) and squishy colour-changing worms (they turned white in warm water and pink in cold … Read More

Year 7 at Heritage College: Transitioning into Secondary School


In 2015, the Western Australian Department of Education moved year 7 from primary school to secondary school. Such a significant educational shift brought both positives and negatives. The year 7s will benefit from specialist teachers’ expertise and secondary resources and facilities. However, lumping preteen12 year olds with late teen 17 and 18 year olds can bring social and emotional troubles. … Read More