The College offers a caring environment where students are treated as individuals and their specific needs are identified and met. We encourage students to nurture one another and help to create an environment of acceptance and inclusion.


Our highest priority is consolidating our current culture of academic excellence where every student is striving to perform at their personal best level. We also provide specific assistance for students who require education support, and a variety of methods are used to extend students who are excelling.

An important feature of Heritage College is our multi-age classes. With several year groups in each class, teachers are well experienced in customising learning for students’ individual needs, whether this means working at an easier level or working at a higher level than other children.


Our desire is to have a school where children are thoroughly grounded in academic and moral understandings of life in a manner which is in harmony with Bible principles. All classes begin the day with prayer and weekly spiritual themes are introduced at the school assembly. Older students have specific Bible study lessons where they develop general Bible knowledge as well as learning principles for daily living.


Students are taught by qualified, experienced teachers who are well able to cope with the range of ages and abilities within their classes. Our learning areas are spacious, well resourced, bright and stimulating places for children. We are delighted with our beautiful outdoor setting which features pleasant grounds for recreation and play.

Sport and physical fitness is a very important part of our school. Students really look forward to the annual swimming carnival, the athletics carnival and the school cross-country running event.

Music is a valuable part of any schooling experience. We run an instrumental music program for students in middle and upper primary, and have a primary choir. In addition the junior primary classes study class music and we offer a variety of opportunities for students to study music as private students.