1. How many students do you have?

We have 109 students from Kindy to year 12 at present.

2. Is it a disadvantage to be in a small school?

Not unless playing in a large orchestra or an AFL style football team is essential to your well being. To the contrary, a small school setting provides for a number of distinct advantages. At Heritage College, your child is a valued individual, not simply another number in a large crowd. Our class sizes are smaller, meaning there is greater individual interaction between staff and students, and each teacher develops an excellent feel for where each child is at academically and socially. We also have teaching assistants who are able to help out individually and with preparation of resources. As students learn to trust the staff who are there to help them, it is a delight to see them focussing on their learning needs and putting in their best efforts.

In the playground, students have a friendly group of peers to interact with. They can relax and simply be themselves, rather than being a small fish in a very big pond where peer pressure dictates attitudes and behaviour. We endeavour to have our Christ centred ethos displayed in the yard as well as in the classroom so that all children can feel safe. Bullying is not a feature of our school and all staff are keen to ensure the safety and welfare of our students.

As parents, you will find yourselves surrounded by a warm and interested parent body with whom you can interact, and if you wish, become involved in the practical support of the College.

In addition to a balanced curriculum across all eight learning areas, we have well resourced specialist facilties such as a Tech Studies room, Art Room and Library to provide an rich learning environment.

3. Do you have a sporting program at Heritage College?

Yes, we have a very vibrant Health and Physical Education program run by a specialist teacher. Students are taught at the classroom level about good health practices and making good choices for life. They are also taught outside the classroom to take pride in their physical fitness and ability to contribute to school teams. We have a number of playing facilities at school, but we also use facilities at Hartfield Park Recreation centre, and occasionally other places (such as swimming pools). We have an athletics carnival, swimming carnival and cross country carnival for all year levels every year, and we also engage on an occasional basis with other schools in friendly sporting matches. Some of our students will be given opportunity to compete in interschool events, dependent on ability.

4. Do you have camps and excursions?

Yes, we have both camps and excursions. Our main camp is the annual Year 5 to 10 camp which is held each year at a scenic location somewhere in Western Australia. This year our camp will be held at Rottnest. During the 5 day camp, we provide a range of opportunities to learn something about the history and geography of the area we are in, as well as enjoying social and recreational times which are so important to children’s development. The camp is paid for from the main tuition fee, so there is no extra cost to participate in this camp.

Our Year 11 and 12 students will go on one camp during either Year 11 or Year 12 to enjoy some time with their school friends before leaving to start their post school life.

Other overnight camps may occur in connection with other programs. From time to time our Year 5 – 7 class will participate in an overnight trek on the Bibbulmun Track, and we have also held separate boys’ and girls’ overnight camps for students in Years 5 – 10.

We also hold many individual excursions for different classes. Generally these occur about once per term and the cost is additional to the school fees.

5. What other things are there to enjoy whilst at Heritage College?

Students at Heritage College enjoy weekly assemblies, special days such as dress up days for Book Week and events organised by the student councillors and house captains. We also hold a biennial concert, and in the alternate year we present a whole school Stage Production. So far we have tackled Pinocchio, Oliver, Wind in the Willows, The Magic Faraway Tree, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. There is plenty of opportunity for interested students to get involved.

6. Do you have computers at Heritage?

Yes, all classrooms have plenty of computing devices – mostly iPads.  In recent years we have experimented and found that iPads provide the richest educational experience for students whilst still providing good opportunities for content creation.  Presently Year 7s and above each have an iPad for use at school, allowing them an invaluable facility to further their learning and research subjects. Older students are allowed to take their device home by negotiation with the family and upon signing of an agreement by the student.  These devices are provided as part of the school fee structure, meaning no additional expenses for parents. We use a wireless network for student devices with a filtered and monitored internet connection whilst at school. At home they will be reliant on the family’s connection if they need to use internet.

7. What are your expectations of students at Heritage College?

By the time the interview process is over, we hope both you and the College will have mutual expectations which can be met. We can briefly outline what we expect of students in the following ways:

Performance – We like to see all students do their best at all times. We will never expect more of your children than they are able to give; however we do not want to see them perform at a level less than they are capable of, either. We do recognise that life can be busy and tiring at times, and all expectations can be discussed with parents.

Attitude – We would like students to be respectful and positive at all times. We wish to develop a College which reflects personal qualities God would be pleased with. We therefore encourage kindness, diligence, tidiness and joy, and discourage selfishness, rudeness, lack of co-operation or respect, and laziness.

Dress – The College has a uniform policy drawn up after extensive consulation with parents and those with expertise in the area. We do require that the uniform and dress policy be adhered to, including the wearing of broad brimmed hats for UV protection at the appropriate times.

Homework – Staff will provide opportunities for children to do homework, commencing with the youngest grades where the tasks will be natural and easy to perform, ranging through to assignments in older classes. It is essential that all school students develop good study habits to ground them for future life, particularly if they wish to enter a tertiary institution or do further study at TAFE. We do realise that life events can create difficulties, and parents are welcome to discuss reasonable concerns with class teachers.

In general, we are looking for students to develop not only academically, but also in life skills, career knowledge and personal attributes which will make them an asset to a future employer, and give them a grounding for a successful future life. We look for your support in this journey.

8. Do you have a bus service to Heritage?

The College runs a circular bus route each morning and afternoon, which has 5 stops through Maddington, Gosnells, Thornlie, Riverton and Forrestfield. If you think you may be interested in the bus service, please contact Reception for more details.

9. What happens if a child has a problem at school – like bullying, or experiencing a learning difficulty?

In the first instance, a child or a parent should make enquiries with the classroom teacher and ask their assistance in the matter. We have discipline and bullying policies which outline how teachers will act in these circumstances, and which are available on this website for you to read. If you are unsatisfied, you may then raise the subject with the Principal.

We also have access to an experienced Psychologist through the Independent Schools Psychology service. The pyschologis is available by appointment to come in and provide advice, referrals, or conduct standardised tests to help diagnose learning difficulties. If you think you may want to access this service, please speak with the Principal.

10. How does Heritage provide spiritual leadership and shape the ethos of the school?

We have a strong commitment to building a Bible based ethos at the College. Here are some of the ways we use to assist children to develop a God centred life:
Each classroom day opens and closes with prayer.

  • Lunchtimes are preceded by prayer given by the Class Teacher.
  • Bible Study is formally implemented in Years 5 – 12 with weekly lessons and informally in the junior classes.
  • Spiritual themes are introduced at assembly, sometimes by staff, and sometimes by visiting speakers.
  • Class teachers reinforce themes within their classrooms during the week.
  • Older students are prepared for leadership by being given opportunities such as being Sports Captain or House Representatives, chairing assemblies etc.
  • Bible themes are brought into curriculum lessons if there is a relevant connection.
  • Our discipline policy is based upon a strong foundation of Bible principles and appeals to conscience.