Heritage College Perth is a small independent school located in the foothills of Perth in Forrestfield. We commenced operations in February 2006 and offer education for students from Kindergarten to Year 12. It is a unique school for Western Australia as is it the first Christadelphian College in the state.

With present student numbers around 107, we aim to remain small enough to offer a caring environment where students are treated as individuals and their needs can be identified and met. We aim to provide a high quality education and to support parents in their role of raising their children in the Godly values of honesty, diligence, excellence, respect and personal discipline.

Although small, we have an excellent range of facilities which offer bright learning areas for students. Our active community of parents and friends has helped resource our learning areas with a stimulating variety of resources and equipment. We are able to meet a wide variety of student interests and needs in our selection of courses. We offer a sound curriculum based on standards set by the Schools Curriculum and Standards Authority of Western Australia, and are in the process of introducing the Australian Curriculum as required by the Federal Government.

Thanks to the support of our community of parents and friends, our College has developed and matured and is a lovely place for students to work and play. If you are interested in a small, personal learning environment with an emphasis on excellence and a moral framework for life, Heritage College Perth may be the place for you.

Please contact us to arrange a tour of the school.