“students flourish and grow in an environment where they feel supported and safe as individuals”

What motivates me as Principal?

I have taught for thirty six years in both government and non-government schools, big and small.

I have consistently found that children perform at their best when they feel valued and cared for in their school environment. The ability to achieve this goal in a very real way has been one of the most exciting developments of my involvement with Heritage Colleges. Every diligent teacher in every school will have each child’s best interests at heart, however the ability at this school to establish an ethos and environment which supports personal learning and care within a Bible-based moral framework has been very rewarding.

I came to Heritage College Perth having had eight years of experience working at another Heritage College sister school. That experience was invaluable in setting up our school here in Perth. Since that time I have watched our students flourish and grow in an environment where they feel supported and safe as individuals, whilst they strive to achieve their personal goals.

It is not uncommon to have a parent say to me after their child has enrolled: “At last I can see my child relax and be himself/herself again”. It is one of the advantages of small schools that each child can retain an individual identity, leaving the peer pressure of huge crowds behind them. They are then free to concentrate on becoming the best that they can be in every aspect of school life.

I have been keen to see that a sound academic curriculum is operating at the school, and that each child is challenged to perform to his or her potential. We have high quality facilities which are regularly inspected by educational authorities, and which allow us to offer a full range of curriculum coverage. We have diligent, caring and dedicated staff members who are energetic in going about their teaching duties.

Being a small school, parents find that staff members are available and accessible to parents to discuss their child’s needs and aspirations.

Why not come in and view our school, and consider joining us on the journey to personal excellence for your child?

Steve Higgs